The $1300 music video is what we call a "Standard Shoot" video, where there are no time-consuming film tricks or stunts performed during the shoot or during post-production. The length of the song must be no more than 5 minutes to get this $1300 rate. This package includes the full video shoot and all post production, from start to finish. Even though this is a "budget price", the video will still be up to the highest standards in HD quality and will not look like a "budget" video.  As artists ourselves, we won't settle for anything less than an awesome looking video! 

We use high-end professional cameras and gear and have all the lighting we need to create some great shots!  And let's not forget our fog machine ; ). Check out the samples below for examples of the "$1300 Music Video" package.  

Note: Any actors, dancers, studios or props used in any of these videos were supplied or paid for by the artist separately.  Unfortunately the costs of these things aren't included in this $1300 deal.

All videos on this page and on this website were 100% shot and edited by Frontman Media.