Showcase your strengths as a dancer with a music video focused on your dancing.  Whether it's a dance group or a solo effort, we can make a great dance performance video for you!

If you're looking to make your way into the commercial dance scene, your dance video can act as a dance reel too.  It will give prospective agents, casting directors and choreographers a sense of how you move, your style and strengths as you choose to present them. 

We'lll shoot your video with at least 2 different professional high-end, HD video cameras and shoot for up to 4 hours at a location of your choice (or 2 locations if time and travel permits), getting different shots at different angles.  

The music you use for your performance can be up to 5 minutes and can be one song, or a mash-up of different songs.  A full dance reel can even be produced if you want to dance to 4 or 5 different song segments in different outfits, etc, as long as it's within the 5 minute song timeframe.  

We've been shooting music videos since 2010 and have worked with countless dance groups and we can make a great dance video for you!  Give us a call!

See our dance video reel below